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The ancient sport of archery has now witnessed a revival of sorts and, at Brahmagiri, you can indulge in this activity to your heart’s content. It is a sport that is known to develop focus and concentration. Many of us are fascinated by the stories of the legendary hero Arjuna, whose archery skills were second to none. If you’ve never tried it before, it is a chance to experience the thrill of your arrow leaving the bow at lightning speed and hitting the target with a mighty THWACK. Our archery trainers ensure that you learn about the correct techniques when practicing this sport. Of course, practice makes perfect and with enough practice time and concentration, you can hit the bulls-eye in no time.


Hollywood movies are awash with gun-toting heroes and villains who make it all look so easy. In India, stringent gun laws built for the safety of the populace have ensured that most of us have never held a gun in our hands. Well, if you want to stare down the barrel and pushed the trigger, Brahmagiri is the place. Our shooting range will have you shooting over a distance of 10 m from a standing position, using a 4.5 mm caliber air rifle. These guns weigh up to 5.5 kg, so they’re easy to handle. Our trained gun marshal will teach you everything you need to know about shooting a gun. So, come and live the excitement, and you’ll probably remember it all your life.


The fear of falling is considered to be a primal fear amongst human beings. This is the main reason why most of us steer clear of heights. But, we often dream of flying high, like the birds above, or swinging down at the end of a wire like Tom Cruise in the movie, Mission Impossible. At Brahmagiri, one of the most popular adventure sporting activities is the flying fox, which involves you taking a fun-filled joyride on an aerial zip line. Once you’re in the middle of it, you will learn to overcome your primal fear and the joy and happiness is exhilarating. Try it!

Monkey Trail

This is an activity that’s very popular with kids who like to swing around like monkeys. But, adults can have fun doing it too. Our Monkey Trail is constructed from a series of ropes that challenge you to swing from one part to the other while walking on a rope line. All in all, it’s a fun-filled, fitness building exercise that tests your agility, sense of balance and your reflexes. Of course, like all our adventure sports activities, safety comes first and we always ensure that proper safety equipment and harnesses are provided to you so that you can enjoy your adventure sporting experience with no risks.


The name has been carried down from the improvised rope bridges used in Burma. In fact, these types of bridges were used in military action during the Second World War to cross rivers and other water bodies. At Brahmagiri, our Burma Bridge has a small water body like a pond under it. The bridge consists of a thick rope to walk upon and two ropes on either side for balance. A safety harness connects you to a safety rope on top and when you walk on the bridge, you feel like you are walking through the air. It is a thrilling and exciting activity and a must-try for your next visit.


The horizontal ladder is an amazing piece of fitness equipment that helps build strength and balance. Our rope horizontal ladder allows you to develop coordination and agility, as well as burn calories when walking on it. The suspended horizontal ladder is difficult to balance on and climbers are supported by a harness that prevents them from falling down. The experience is somewhat like the Burma Bridge and is very popular with adventure sports enthusiasts.


Rappelling has increasingly become a powerful and popular physical activity that promotes a sense of accomplishment and builds self-confidence for the learner. The activity requires the participant to climb down a natural rock face, supported only by a rope. This is generally known as “rope down”. While it may seem daunting at first, upon completion, the participant realises that every degree of difficulty, including perceived risks, can be conquered when the mind and body are put together. It is a popular activity at Brahmagiri and contributes to confidence building, enhancement of trust, calculation of risks and overcoming fear. Of course, trained staff are available at the resort to ensure the safety of the participants. Sessions are usually held in 15 to 20-minute intervals and all the required equipment is provided for participants to succeed under the right guidance.