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Konkani cuisine is marvellous for its aromatic flavours and delectable spices. At Brahmagiri, we serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian specialties from the heart of the Konkan region. All our food is freshly cooked with locally sourced ingredients. For those with a taste for North Indian flavours, we provide several options as well. Freshly cooked fish delicacies are popular with our patrons and are abundantly available during the season. Fresh spices from our own spice garden are used by the restaurant to craft the flavours of your food. Many of our dishes are also made with coconut, kokum, amchur and tamarind, all of which are available abundantly in the region. In fact, Malvani cuisine gets its unique taste from these ingredients. Our restaurant has adequate seating capacity and can cater to the requirements of your family and even large groups. It is worth getting in touch with us in advance if you want us to prepare certain delicacies for large groups. You can rest assured that we will provide you with an amazing culinary experience that will keep you wanting to come back for more.

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